Cleaning Chemical Awareness

Effective commercial and office cleaning depends on disinfectants, cleaners, and other chemicals that can be dangerous when people misuse them or are exposed to them improperly. This is true even for certain chemicals that are certified as green when they are used for commercial building cleaning. After all, many natural substances used in professional cleaning chemicals may be harmless to the environment even if they are considered allergens and cause some to have bad reactions to certain office cleaners. A good cleaning service recognizes this, and it takes the proper precautions to always handle its chemicals properly.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services: We Know How to Handle These Chemicals

Professional cleaning services have expertise with dangerous cleaning chemicals, so they are the best qualified to use them. A cleaning service will make sure to store those chemicals properly at your business or commercial establishment when cleaning staff is not present.

If Children are Around, Keep Cleaners and Other Chemicals Locked Up

Many establishments have children as their primary clientele. Pediatric offices and children’s dentistry are good examples of this. These facilities are filed with children that are very curious about anything they find. This includes cleaning chemicals. Any facility or business that serves children should be especially careful to keep cleaning chemicals and other chemical substances locked up in a chemical storage closet or other secure location. That way, kids do not have access to these cleaners that can cause harm if ingested. Metro Clean will keep these chemicals locked away and out of children’s reach.

Implement Safety Programs for Cleaning Chemicals

You may not be aware of it, but there are safety programs for chemicals used in commercial cleaning. Companies that implement these programs help prevent accidental exposure to cleaning chemicals. Of course, these programs are quite familiar to a company such as a professional cleaning service. When you hire Metro Clean, you can trust us to abide by safety programs that keep you, your staff, clients and guests, as well as the Metro Clean staff, safe from the harmful effects of the chemicals.

Include Material Safety Data Sheets and First-Aid Information

Every chemical that is classified as a commercial or office cleaner will have a Material Safety Data Sheet and information on what to do for first aid in the case of chemical ingestion or injury. The data sheet lists the ingredients found in the chemical used, which keeps everyone informed as to the possible allergens and other dangers associated with a particular cleaning product.