Building Maintenance Tips

As a business owner, property manager, facility coordinator and so on, you have the responsibility of making sure that your building is kept clean, safe, and up-to-date. It’s important that you keep your property in the best condition possible. Since its nearly impossible to do all the maintenance and upkeep yourself, it’s best to find a trusted and professional cleaning service such as Metro Clean. We have the skills and the experience needed to perform a wide range of tasks-from power washing, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing to everyday office and facility cleaning.

Maintaining your building’s outer and inner appearance involves keeping it clean, safe and hygienic for staff, clients and the general public. Fortunately, Metro Clean offers a wide range of services for all your cleaning needs, we can handle your floor cleaning, dusting, spot-cleaning, appliance cleaning, restroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning-among many other services. The following tips are geared towards helping building owners who are looking for efficient ways to maintain their building to the highest of standards.

Floor Care Tips

  • Have your floors cleaned on a regular basis to prevent build-up of dirt, sand and grime. Regular floor cleaning can prevent scratches and damage. It will also extend the longevity of your floors, saving you money and time in the long-term.
  • Keep floor mats in front of all entrances to the building. This will help cut down on dirt, sand, and grime that can be tracked through the building. It’s also a good idea to keep the entranceways clean to reduce the amount of soil from entering the building.
  • Clean up stains spilled on the floor immediately after they occur. This will help to prevent stains from becoming permanent.
  • Never use chemicals on the floor unless you know that they can be used for your floor type or are recommended by the floor manufacturer.
  • Use furniture protectors beneath tables, chairs, couches and other furniture to prevent floor damage. Take caution and care when moving furniture and other heavy objects to prevent scratches and nicks.