January 12, 2015

The Importance of Properly Maintaining Public Restrooms

Depending on its location, a public restroom may be visited by dozens or hundreds of people. Even if only a few people use a public restroom, […]
January 12, 2015

The Importance and Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaning Service

By utilizing a cleaning service such as Metro Clean rather than having your team members clean, your team members will be able to concentrate on their […]
January 12, 2015

6 Ways to Help Germ Proof Your Office

The spread of germs in the workplace is harmful. Not only does it lead to illness, but it also limits work productivity. To avoid these pitfalls, […]
January 12, 2015

Why is a Clean Office Important?

A clean office is, of course, much more pleasant than an unclean one; however, more importantly, a clean office is a safe office. “Sick buildings” that […]