Restroom Acid Cleaning

acid-cleaningRestroom and washing is a special service that Metro Clean provides to keep your restrooms shining like new. This process removes hard water deposits from rims of toilets and urinals. This method is also used for hard water deposits around sinks and sink faucets. Restroom acid cleaning will revive our restrooms and give them a like new feel and look.

Hard water deposits are caused by minerals that have been added to the water. When a toilet is flushed or a surface gets wet, it leaves a film of minerals. Dirt easily attaches to this film and then gets sealed in with the next flush of water, thus creating another layer of film. The cycle repeats itself and cannot be cleaned or removed with ordinary toilet bowl cleaners.

This creates the need for our restroom acid cleaning service. This service is offered complimentary to go along with our janitorial service.

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