Professional Cleaning Service

professional-cleaningAny building, whether it is an office, medical facility, manufacturing facility; school or other professional establishment, is subject to the clutter, dust, germs and debris that come from daily through traffic. Keeping this to a minimum requires the services of a cleaning staff, which is the reason that many businesses retain the service of a professional cleaning company. Building owners, business owners, property managers and so on often keep a professional cleaning staff throughout the business day, while other businesses have a professional cleaning staff clean after –hours. Whether it’s during the day or after-hours, Metro Clean’s services are crucial for the upkeep of your building and the health of the people within.

In addition to cleaning, there are other maintenance services that Metro Clean can provide. Metro Clean can clean and replace filters in the building to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air. We may also handle minor repair issues. You can turn to metro Clean to handle certain system repairs in your building- for example, repairs when a toilet or sink is backed up in a restroom. Ideally, an office or facility can benefit from having a cleaning technician on hand daily during office hours. The removing of trash and litter, as well as the cleaning of spills, are a couple of the benefits of having a cleaning technician on hand during working hours. Metro Clean can also clean mirrors and windows at various times during the day, as they become dirty or smudgy. Whether it’s during office hours or after hours, you can count on Metro Clean.

Cleaning services are important to every building, regardless of what type of services are provided. Our cleaning crews ensure that all areas of the building are properly cleaned and if you request, perform minor repairs as needed. These services ensure that buildings maintain a professional appearance, which, in turn, gives your workers and visitors a positive impression.

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