Stadium and Events

stadiums-eventsEveryone knows that a clean and sanitary stadium is as important as ticket sales. In fact nothing affects profitability more than these two factors. Other than repeat visitors to your stadium, a polished, clean image helps draw more event such as sporting, concerts, trade shows, and many more. You will want to use our services often as we work nonstop to make sure the stadium you’re in charge of is in pristine and sanitary condition. Metro Clean brings knowledge and experience to the table to maintain the highest of sanitation and cleaning standards to your facility.

Cleaning of stadiums and arenas presents special challenges that require great attention to detail and overseeing many cleaning team members. Whether it’s before, during or after events, you can rely on your partnership with Metro Clean. During events, a large number of patrons visit the facility to watch their favorite events, and the safety of these individuals is a top priority. Making sure floors are free of spills and debris, as well as neat and tidy, is very important.

The cleanliness of a facility, especially restroom areas and public walkways, helps ensure a high level of guest satisfaction. Paper and soap dispensers are continuously stocked and checked to ensure they are in working order. Trash and recycling receptacles need to be attended to and kept in a clean and sanitary condition. Suites and club areas must be maintained and in top-notch condition. We believe all of these items and more must be done from the time the gates open until the last guest leaves your facility.

Once the event is over, the task of bringing the facility back to pristine condition begins.

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