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movie-theaterFor moviegoers, the premier of a highly anticipated film brings excitement into their lives. As the providers for viewing these films you have the great ability to present these films in an extraordinary atmosphere, ensuring that your theater is in clean, sanitary and immaculate condition for all moviegoers.

Metro Clean realizes your requirements such as spotless floors, restroom sanitations, removal of hindrances such as gum and other debris on the chairs and floor, and so on. With our comprehensive cleaning programs for exceptional theater care we have an incomparable ability to clean and sanitize movie theater facilities. We conduct quality assurance inspections each and every day to ensure only the best possible job is being performed on your property.

You as a theater owner or manager are fully aware of how difficult it is to keep your movie theater’s cleaning and sanitizing needs up to your patrons’ expectations. Try as they might, your team members “spot cleaning” between shows or at the end of the night leaves something to be desired. Without a proper deep cleaning each night, that a movie theater needs, there can be trouble in the short and long term.

From the moment patrons walk through your doors, they see how effective your theater cleaning is:

  • Is the lobby clean, inviting and free of trash and debris?
  • In your game areas, are the games caked with dust and grime build-up?
  • Are your restrooms clean and sanitary?
  • Are your restroom fixtures polished to a shine?
  • Do your patrons feel a sense of value when they find their seats or are they stepping on sticky spills, gum and someone else’s trash?
  • Are all your counters, door knobs, seats, and seat arm rests, restrooms and so on sanitary and germ free?

Metro Clean pays special attention to every area, not just one or two areas. We offer between-show cleanings and /or after hours cleaning. We always work around your schedule and cater to your specific needs.

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