The Importance and Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaning Service
January 12, 2015
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The Importance of Properly Maintaining Public Restrooms


Depending on its location, a public restroom may be visited by dozens or hundreds of people. Even if only a few people use a public restroom, it’s important to keep it as clean and sanitary as possible. By hiring Metro Clean as a cleaning contractor, Kentuckiana Businesses can make sure their restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized. A professional cleaning crew knows about the latest cleaning methods and solutions as well as how they are used. These cleaning solutions kill bacteria growing around the toilets, sinks and other areas in restrooms. With regular visits from Metro Clean, you can rest easy knowing all your restroom needs are taken care of and are in clean sanitary condition.

Besides ridding a public restroom of various types of harmful bacteria, Metro Clean will check the supplies of each restroom. An experienced cleaning service knows that there are few things more frustrating than for someone to finish washing his or her hands only to find that there are no paper towels in the dispenser. Furthermore, a soap dispenser with no soap is an extraordinarily useless item. In addition, we will check the toilet paper roll dispensers. There should be at least one or two back-up rolls to serve people until we return for the next cleaning.

Finally, another significant benefit of having Metro Clean relates to the efforts to keep the facilities well maintained. For example, we may notice a faulty handle on a toilet, or a sink that is dripping. Once aware of the problems, they can quickly be fixed, allowing the restroom to be fully functional again.